Learning shapes and colors

Ever wonder why we put so much emphasis on learning colors and shapes in preschool? Let's start with the fact that our whole world is made of colors and shapes!

Learning shapes and colors is the key to describing and categorizing the world around us. The sun has a different shape from a house, an egg is different from a table. Road vehicles, flowers, all have a different color. The little ones recognize that a red fruit is different from a yellow one and a notebook has a different shape than a plate.

The following free color and shape flashcards as well as the free coloring pages can open up new and exciting ways of verbal communication for your little ones as they provide them with the vocabulary to describe the world around them!

Discover foreign languages

Learning French and Spanish becomes more fun as children discover shapes and colors in a pleasant way through cards.

For best and most consistent results, print the cards on higher density printing paper.

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