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And the activities we suggest for our little friends.

In a simple and pleasant way, this site offers everything you need to keep a child happy and creative during its preschool years.

Alex ‘n’ Friends arose from our need to gather in one place all the necessary material for play, entertainment, creativity, learning, fairytale and song; that is, everything that keeps a child pleasantly busy during the ages of approximately 2 to 5 years old.

A really helpful tool with inexpensive and simple suggestions for play and learning as all the printable material, more than 700 pages in total, is offered free of charge, and includes:

  • over 400 coloring pages, exercises and flashcards for learning Greek, English, French and Spanish alphabets
  • over 100 pages of happy coloring pages with animals, fruits, cars and many more
  • over 40 pages of clever prewriting exercises
  • over 20 coloring pages, exercises and cards for learning the first numbers
  • over 40 coloring pages and exercises for learning colors and shapes
  • many coloring pages and puzzle pictures
  • easy board games
  • plenty of crafts for all year but especially for the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Halloween) as well as many learning games
  • also included are utilities such as folder covers with children's initials, party invitations, bookmarks and stickers, paper cake patterns, wrapping papers and a printable 2023 calendar!

Don't forget also to visit our Instagram page, and also our YouTube channel for songs, crafts and more than 40 classic fairytales and Aesop's fables in Greek and English. 



Educational preschool material for toddlers!

Fables & Fairy tales

Revisit with the children the magical world of the classic fairytales through our eyes!

Let the pictures, the storytelling and the music carry you to magical places and experience this exciting new presentation!



Enough with learning. Time for song, dance and laughter!



Ideas for the holidays

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