Birthday Cake

When it comes to our little ones, even cutting or eating a birthday or name day cake can be a big task! Especially when this is done on school grounds! Plates, spoons, a safe knife for cutting, plenty of napkins so they don't get their hands or clothes dirty, but even so, often accidents can't be avoided!

The paper cake that we created for you is a wonderful solution to avoid all this and the result is impressive! In addition to the patterns we suggest, you can choose anything your little ones like and create their very own personalised cake!

The process is very simple and your little ones will be very happy to participate! Give them the opportunity to choose mini candy (gels, lollipops, chocolates) they'd like to offer their friends. Print the free printable outline we have prepared for you for each piece of the cake, turn and reprint on the other side of the paper the pattern you or your little one prefers. If you don't like any our suggestions, you can print the outline on white paper and, after the assembly is done, glue whatever your little one wants. A superhero sticker, a princess, their favorite animal or even a dinosaur!

You can also use a colored printing paper. Cut the pieces and glue as indicated. Place them on a hard cardboard to keep your cake stable. Fill the pieces of the cake (makes about 12 pieces) with small sweets and your paper cake is ready!

See the photo gallery for pictures of our own birthday cake!

Some friendly advice: choose higher density printing paper so that the cake pieces don't fall apart easily.

Instructions for printing

Click the red strip that appears once you hover your mouse over the preview image. The corresponding PDF file will be downloaded to your disk. Open the file and start printing.

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