Cards with the basic shapes

When we introduce shapes to our little ones, we always start basic and easy. They might need a little more time to get acquainted with shapes, that's why it's a good thing to point them at the same time to objects they already are familiar with, e.g. this toy car's wheel is round like a circle, the TV is like a rectangle, our toasted bread is square.

Print out the free flashcards! They will become your tool of choice in teaching not only the basic shapes, but colors too!

Instructions for using the material

Cut out the free printables containing 4 shapes per page. The gray outlines will help you cut them nicely and accurately. Play and help your toddler to learn their first shapes and expand their verbal skills by asking questions about each picture's content.

For best and most consistent results, print the flash cards on harder than plain printing paper. You can also laminate them for more durability but be careful to round the edges so as to avoid possible scratches!

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