Cards with the basic colors

Make your little one's world colorful!

Your little ones from an early age will begin to recognize colors, shapes and textures.

Although for an adult the recognition of colors is done automatically, for the little ones it is cognitively a difficult process therefore we suggest you do it by playing a game!

You can use the free color flashcards and ask your children to point you to objects in the house or outdoors that have the corresponding color or even collect objects or toys in the same color.

Help your little one to take one of their first steps in learning through play!

Instructions for using the material

Cut out the free printables containing 4 letters per page. The gray outlines will help you cut them nicely and accurately. Play and help your toddler to learn their first words and expand their verbal skills by asking questions about each picture's content.

For best and most consistent results, print the flash cards on harder than plain printing paper. You can also laminate them for more durability but be careful to round the edges so as to avoid possible scratches!

Discover foreign languages

Learning French and Spanish becomes more fun as children discover shapes and colors in a pleasant way through cards.

For best and most consistent results, print the cards on higher density printing paper.

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