Leaf prints

Need a simple activity to do with your kids?

Then you need to give these Leaf Prints a try! All kids love going on a nature hunt so this activity will be a favorite!

Collect with your little ones leaves of various shapes and sizes. It will be a wonderful outdoor activity! You can talk about of the change of seasons, why trees have leaves and why some leaves are changing their color or falling from the trees, for example, during fall. It will be an excellent opportunity to bond with nature. 

Both fresh and fallen leaves will work for this craft.

Cover their work area with a mat or with newspapers. Prepare different colors of paint on your palette. Add just enough water to make the paint spreadable but not runny. 

Now give the instructions: "Take one leaf. Flip it so that the underside is facing up. Paint the entire surface of the leaf. Carefully place the leaf, painted side down, on your paper. Press firmly for several seconds to transfer the paint from the leaf to the paper. Remove the leaf to reveal a leaf print".

Let your little ones repeat the process using different colors and other leaf shapes to fill your paper with leaf prints and allow the paint to dry completely. They can also paint the leaf with two or more colors to come up with a multi-colored leaf print.

The result will be a wonderful work of art!





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