Colorful bracelet


  • Eco-friendly straws in various colors
  • Rubber band or string
  • Pair of scissors


This bracelet from drinking straws is an easy and inexpensive craft! 

First, cut up the straws. Perfect for scissor skills, but it is up to you to decide if your child is ready to use scissors.

There is so much learning in this activity! First it is wonderful for fine motor development. Kids can create patterns. They can experiment with the sizes of straws that they cut. They can help in the planning by choosing the color of the straws. As you play and create, sort the straws by colors. You can talk about size, count the pieces of straws. Talk about which group has the most or least amount. Talk about which bracelet is long or short. 

If you are giving them as gifts, talk about the person who will receive the bracelet. For example, discuss what colors they like and what they enjoy. This teaches your child to think from the perspective of others. It teaches generosity and thoughtfulness too!

Colorful Bracelet 1

Colorful Bracelet 2

Colorful Bracelet 3

Colorful Bracelet 4

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