Happy bunnies


  • Colored cardboard, or just print the prepared material
  • Scissors
  • Glue


The happy bunnies is a super cute theme not only for the Easter but for the whole year around!

This craft is meant for kindergarten kids, as younger ones will surely need your help! You can use the material we have already prepared for you, or alternatively you may use colored cardboard paper. In this latter case, the material can be used as a pattern.

Your little ones can cut the strips, which is a perfect exercise for their fine mobility! You'll help them glue them together by putting glue at the point they are joined, at first in an X pattern and then in a +. Following this, you can glue the edges together, and finally the two paper balls that are formed. You and your little one will place the face with the teeth and ears on the small ball. The dotted lines indicate where to put the glue.

Our own suggestion: you could also craft just the heads, and use them to decorate your Easter baskets!

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