Our very own Easter egg!


  • Cardboard in any color your little ones wish, or a simple printout of the egg shape on harder than plain paper
  • Colors and paintbrushes or markers
  • Scissors
  • Various ornaments such as beads, buttons, pasta, legumes, seashells, plasticine etc
  • Glue


A very simple and easy Easter egg craft!

You can print the Easter egg we have prepared for your little ones (even on plain paper, though in that case you should afterwards glue it on cardboard) or encourage them to paint the monochrome shape in any colour the like. Alternatively, you can use colored cardboard which you can cut with the help of your kids in the shape of an egg. The monochrome egg can be your pattern.

Pasta, legumes, buttons! Let your little ones chose any materials they like and then glue inside the egg (the smaller ones) or in the case of pasta or legumes such as in the picture, you may suggest them to paint them in the colors of their choosing. Once dry, they're ready to be glued! Let their creativity take control!

If your little ones build many colorful eggs, they can become wonderful ornaments for your Easter table!

Happy Easter!

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