Playing with animal paw prints


  • Print the animal paw prints
  • Cellophane tape (optional)


A fun suggestion for playing and for learning! 

It connects children with the natural world around them. It develops scientific thinking as they look for clues and make hypotheses as to which animals were here and what they did. It develops spatial thinking as children learn that a footprint doesn’t look exactly like a foot. Only some parts of the foot make contact with the ground and leave prints. Observing this gives children an opportunity to think about complex three-dimensional forms. It also develops symbolic thinking as they learn that a sign (the footprint of an animal) stands for something else (an actual animal). 

Print for your little ones the animal paw prints and glue them to the floor with cellophane tape.

Ask them on whatever print it steps to guess the animal to which it belongs, to imitate the sound it makes, its walk, what it eats, where it lives.

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