Butterflies from spaghetti bows


  • Spaghetti bows
  • Paints and brush, or markers
  • Preferably hard paper
  • Glue


These butterflies are so cute!

Here is another way to make beautiful butterflies!

You will never look at those bow tie pasta the same way again! Here's how to turn them into adorable butterfly crafts.

Start with coloring the pasta in different colors. Let them dry for a few minutes. Let your kid pick the colors for the craft. This will encourage them to work on the craft.

Help your toddler glue the bow tie pasta on the paper and draw - with a dark color marker - the antennae and the movement of the butterfly with a dashed line.

They can add green touches to the ground or decorate the paper with elements from the natural environment.

Doesn’t this look like a stunning piece of art?

This project is fun for all age of people, and is particularly a good one for kids. They will love to work on such a fun project!

Butterflies 1

Butterflies 2

Butterflies 3

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