The little chick just popped out of its egg!


  • Printout of the materials
  • An ice-cream stick
  • Scissors
  • Glue


How excited are our little ones when their activity is not only pleasant, but also contains movement: a little chick breaks the eggshell and pops out of its egg!

Print the file. Your kids can easily cut around the nest, the little chick and the egg, since the outlines are quite simple.

An easy craft even for the younger ones, who will however need your help to properly glue the bottom part of the egg on the nest, the chick on the ice-cream stick and finally the top part of the egg on the chick.

Don't forget to cut the nest across the dotted lines so you can thread the ice-cream stick through the opening. This is necessary to achieve movement.

As an alternative suggestion, you can create the nest by using half a paper dish, which your little one will have painted in dark and light brown.

Have fun!

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