Monster Glove


  • Dishwashing glove
  • Glue
  • Printout of eyes, mouth and teeth
  • Knitting threads or simple rope (optional)


Ever wonder what to do with all those single gloves? 

Turn them into Glove Monsters! These are one of our favorite crafts ever! These little glove monsters are so fun to make and they were a hit with kids!

Together with your little ones cut the ready-made elements of the face for the little monster and help them stick the eyes on the glove’s fingers and the mouth with the teeth to the center of the palm as in the photo.

Also cut together into small pieces and stick behind the fingers pieces of knitting thread or rope.

Our little monster is ready!

Monster Glove 1

Monster Glove 2

Monster Glove 3

Design inspired by BootstrapMade