Cute Paper Cloud-Rainbow


  • Print out of the cloud-rainbow parts
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons (optional)


We are making a wonderful paper cloud-rainbow craft just for kids! This is a quick one to make, so it can be a perfect  project for hands on scissor practice as it doubles up as a wonderful decoration.

You will need one long strip of paper in every color of the rainbow or you can print the prepared files! Have the kids color and cut the black and white strips (if they wish and if they are old enough to handle scissors) or cut the strips before hand. A great activity to teach colors of the rainbow!

Cut a cloud shape and draw the eyes and the mouth for a super cute looking face or print and cut our cute printable cloud. Glue the colorful strips of paper on one side of the cloud. Let the glue dry, if using white school glue, glue stick will set almost immediately.

This Cute Paper Rainbow Kid Craft is all done and ready to be placed somewhere in the room as a decoration!

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