Puzzle game for learning the numbers

These number puzzles for kids encourage them to practice their problem solving skills, and are self-correcting (the picture will look right when the puzzle is in the correct sequence.

Cut the number puzzles for kids into strips, or encourage your children to cut the puzzles themselves (for more practice with the scissors!).

When your children have a set of puzzle pieces to work with, they will need to put them in numeric order from 1-5 or 1-10. They will know if the numbers are in the right order if they form a complete image. Older children who are familiar with the order of numbers (and the numeric symbols) can work this math puzzle independently.

Support children who may not have yet mastered these skills. Say the number aloud for children to find: "The first puzzle piece is 1. The next piece is 2. Can you find the puzzle piece with a 2? What number is between 3 and 5?"

After a math puzzle is assembled, point to each number and say it aloud with your children!

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