Happy Ghosts


  • Printout of the prepared material
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton
  • Twine or thread


How many times has your toddler worn a sheet and pretended to be a scary ghost?

These hanging happy ghosts will "float" thanks to the valuable contribution of your little helper! The contours are very easy, an excellent occasion for practicing the use of scissors, although it is not necessary to follow them with precision. The white paper will become the base for gluing the cotton which before you must divide into small pieces. Help your little one make small balls and then stick them on the paper. Once done, you can stick the eyes and mouth giving the ghosts their own happy expression!

Stick the string or the thick thread in the back and your ghosts are ready to "float"!

Ghosts 3 (gallery)

Ghosts 4 (gallery)

Ghosts 5 (gallery)

Ghosts 6 (gallery)

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