Hungry bunnies!


  • Printout of the file
  • Egg cartons
  • Scissors
  • Glue and cellophane tape


Oh what a big mouth! These bunnies are always hungry!

Egg cartons is a recyclable item found in any household. Take advantage of this fact, as well as of the material we have prepared for you, and craft along with your children these bunnies that are always hungry!

Cut around and keep only the inside of the egg cartons (your little ones may need your help with this because the cartons are tough), have them cut and glue the face and ears, use cellophane tape for the rear part and fill the inside (the bunny's mouth!) with sweets, toffee or any other item your little ones desire.

Alternatievely, instead of using the printable material, they could themeselves paint the egg cartons in any color they like, and cut the ears out of blank paper. They can simply draw the face with a colored marker pen!

Your hungry bunny is ready!

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