Chick and Sheep wish you a Happy Easter!


  • Printout of the file preferably on higher density paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


If you're looking for original decoration ideas for your little one's room, but also - why not! - for you living room, these cute Easter cards will be a delight for young ones and adults alike!

A Chick and two Sheep (one white, one black) bid you welcome to this year's spring which is already here, and wish you a Happy Easter!

Print the two first pages front and back while your little ones cut out the white outline and fold the cards across the middle. They then can cut out the sheep's ears and hair, and the chick's plume. The latter needs a little extra careful cutting across the dotted lines.

From the printable material, the chick's last page and the black sheep's two last pages enable your little ones to use yellow or black cardboard paper, which is often lying around the house, to create a card and add the rest of the parts later.

Design inspired by BootstrapMade