• Print the finished material
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or crayons (optional)


This is a Christmas card that is extremely easy for your little ones, beloved by young and older ones!

The designs are simple and the outlines easy. Your little ones can easily cut the Rudolf shapes and stick them on the red or green card we have prepared for you.

Print the prepared material and encourage your little ones to first cut and glue the large triangle which they will fold down to make the face and glue the horns above. At the edge of the triangle they will stick the red nose and then the eyes as in the photo.

This craft gives many possibilities to your little ones as they can:

  • color any way they like the card on a thicker white A4 paper folded in 2;
  • use a colored cardboard they already have at home and fold it in 2 to make a card of their own color choice;
  • paint Rudolph brown;
  • paint the antlers or eyes by themselves or stick moving eyes;
  • write their wishes on the card or draw whatever they want!

Have fun and happy holidays!

Rudolf Christmas Card (gallery)

Rudolf Christmas Card (gallery)

Rudolf Christmas Card (gallery)

Rudolf Christmas Card (gallery)

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