Advent calendar

December is here! Christmas and New Year's are around the corner!

Children count impatiently the days one by one! That's why we prepared two cheerful Christmas and New Year advent calendars for you! These calendars will help your little ones know how long until the holidays at any given day, in a very pleasant and enjoyable way!

Using our Christmas tree, which is numbered up to 25, your little ones will learn to count their first numbers while also becoming aware of the passage of time. Print the tree and cut out the numbers. Together with your little ones, match the numbers one by one as the days go by. For a more beautiful result you can glue pom poms on each number you stick to make it look like your tree has colorful Christmas balls!

With Santa's white beard you will count down to the New Year! The kids can't wait to open their presents under the tree! In each number, you and your little one can glue a piece of cotton to complete the white Santa's beard.

For a more impressive result with both designs, use A3 high-density paper than a A4 plain paper.

Have fun and happy holidays!

Design inspired by BootstrapMade